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Middle Italy

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Middle Italy, Culture and Free time

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Palazzo Piccolomini
Nestled in the hills of Tuscany,in the earthof the Val D'Orcia and declared a world eritage site,the splendid town of Pienza is the first example of the ideal Reinassance city. The Palazzo was the summer residence of Pope Pius II...[continua (continue)]
[ Pienza, Churches ]
Museo di Storia Naturale dell'Accademia dei Fisiocritici (MUSNAF)
[ Siena, museums ]
Chiesa S. Elena Flavia Giulia - Chiesa S'Antonio
S. Elena Flavia Giulia 2)Chiesa S.Antonio...[continua (continue)]
[ Pastena, Churches ]
entrata Museo ArcheologicoMuseo Civico A. Vernarecci
Museo archeologico della CittÓ di Fossombrone...[continua (continue)]
[ Fossombrone, museums ]
veduta dallPinacoteca Comunale
Palazzo Ducale di Fossombrone che accoglie la Pinacoteca Comunale......[continua (continue)]
[ Fossombrone, museums ]
particolare dellChiesa di San Filippo
Magnifica Chiesa Barocca del '600 ricca di stucchi e magnifiche pale d'altare oltre ad un magnifico mosaico che ricopre tutta la pavimentazione...[continua (continue)]
[ Fossombrone, Churches ]
Cortile delleCasa Museo Quadreria Cesarini
palazzo Pergamino struttura del '500 residenza del notaio Giusepe Cesarini di Fossombrone(1895-1977)...[continua (continue)]
[ Fossombrone, museums ]
The Footwear Museum
MUSEUM OF FOOTWEAR The exhibition space has been designed to illustrate the transformations that footwear has undergone, from the first medieval approaches to the most recent productions which, in many cases, are real works of art, the fruit of the ability and skills of local craftsmen. Thus from ...[continua (continue)]
[ Sant'Elpidio a Mare, museums ]
Contemporary art museum
It was born in 2003 by the extension of the private gallery in Tor Lupara, near Rome. During the years, it has suffered different changes, and it became like is shows in the in the internet site: It has an interesting library containing about 2000 books....[continua (continue)]
[ Fonte Nuova, museums ]
Church of Santa Marica della Rocca
The church of Santa Maria della Rocca stands a little way from the main piazza. The Romanesque-Gothic church is one of the most important examples of Piceno monastic art. It is striking for its imposing austerity, made all the more powerful by its position overlooking the city and the surrounding hi...[continua (continue)]
[ Offida, Churches ]
Historical outline The MONTECASSINO Monastery, was founded by St. Benedict about 529 of the Christian Era on the remnants of a preexisting Roman fortification of the municipium Casinum. The heathen cult was still practised on this mountain site in the temple of Apollo and in a nearby holy grove t...[continua (continue)]
[ Cassino, Monuments ]
The Cathedral
It is dedicated to Our Lady of Assumption. We have important evidences of previous buildings erected on this place: a Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter; an early-Christian church dated round 5th century; a Romanesque church destroyed in 1176; a Romanesque-Gothic church ended by Giorgio da Como...[continua (continue)]
[ Fermo, Churches ]
San Claudio al Chienti
The church is situated in the territory of the Roman municipium of Pausulae. There is evidence of it in early sources since 1089. The building maintains its original architecture almost intact. It is characteized by a quadrangular plan, modulated along its perimeter by semicircular apses. The faša...[continua (continue)]
[ Corridonia, Churches ]


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